School Systems & Manuals

Today, maintaining quality in education is not an obligation but a commitment that the school has made to society and it should stand by it. It is well known that assessing quality is so difficult, especially in the field of education where the products are intangible.

However, there are few indices available that can serve as pointers to the status and the direction in which an educational institution is functioning. Strategum is committed to facilitate nurturing of quality teaching-learning in Schools and offers a unique year-long academic support for Schools.

Strategum Eduserve is India’s leading and largest Education Management Services Company. Our business verticals span the entire gamut of education sector with services for Preschools to Universities.

Scope of Services

  • Academic systems
  • Administrative systems
  • Management Control Systems
  • Financial & Accounting systems
  • School Transport Systems
  • HR Systems including performance appraisal
  • Health and safety Standards
  • Annual Parent Orientation Program
  • Concept of Home PTM
  • Assessment & Evaluation policy
  • Home Work Policy
  • Student’s Portfolio
  • Innovative School Calendar & Planner
  • Creative and effective School Almanac Copy
  • Parents Handbook Copy
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