School Set-up Services

Strategum Eduserve Pvt. Ltd. is India’s only dedicated education management services company that plans, builds and manages educational institutions right from preschools to universities.

We work with investors, land bank owners, entrepreneurs, corporates, institutions and Trusts / Societies to offer the following services in the K-12, Higher Education, Vocational Education, Medical Education and University Education space.

We have the capabilities to offer a variety of solutions that can benefit the overall project schedule and budget, saving client’s valuable time and money.


Strategum Eduserve is India’s leading and largest Education Management Services Company. Our business verticals span the entire gamut of education sector with services for Preschools to Universities.

Scope of services

Project Planning

  • Environmental Analysis & Demographic Study
  • Detailed Market Survey
  • Strategic Choices and Planning
  • Location Decision
  • Client profiling & Resource study
  • Campus Development Plan
  • Selection of Architect

Project Report

  • Detailed Project Report & financial projections
  • School Vision, Mission and Objectives with Business & Academic Model

Project Execution

  • Provide brief and review the drawings of School with the Architect
  • for floor plans, master layout, building elevation, service provisions, interior design and facilities provided
  • Preparation of Master Purchase List, including preparation of capital budget
  • Purchase Policy, Vendor Development, Negotiation and Purchase Coordination from shoes to smart boards
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