Franchise Development

With the experience of working on many educational campuses in both urban and countryside neighborhoods, we focus on meeting the needs and objectives of all stakeholders.

We are continuously innovating, updating and developing concepts, contents and programmes with the growing needs of the education industry. We have the team, experience and expertise to successfully deliver on each project across India

Strategum Eduserve is India’s leading and largest Education Management Services Company. Our business verticals span the entire gamut of education sector with services for Preschools to Universities.

Scope of Services

Services offered to Franchisor

  • Resource Based View Analysis to map potential for expansion and growth
  • Franchisee / Collaboration Model
  • Working Plan for expansion and growth
  • Statutory issues and challenges
  • Revenue Model
  • Development of Eco-system to support the plans
  • Contracts, Systems & Document templates to manage the franchisees
  • Cultural Change Management
  • Recruitment & Training
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Instituting Best Practices
  • Go to Market Strategy

Services offered to Franchisee

  • Understanding the need for partnership
  • Resource Based View Analysis to map potential partner with right cultural fit
  • Market study to map potential partner with right business fit
  • Profile Presentation
  • Search and Select Franchisor
  • Represent Client to Franchisor
  • Negotiate with Franchisor
  • Agreement with Franchisor
  • Concept Development with Franchisor
  • Implementing the terms of franchisee agreement
  • Protecting the interests of the Client
  • Ensuring coordination between franchisee and franchisor
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