Delhi Public School, Jamnagar

Smt. Sulochana Devi Education Foundation
Turn Key Consulting


  1. Client’s are from professional background and had taken franchise from the prestigious DPS Society, New Delhi. They had to meet the project timelines and expectation on quality.
  2. They needed assistance in planning the campus and facilities clearly realising that most part of the investment will be in building
  3. They also realised that the awareness and brand recall of DPS in Jamnagar would be low and needed professional services for branding, marketing and admissions
  4. The affiliation from CBSE and State Government Approvals were other key requirement


  1. Strategum Project Team worked on clear project timelines and delivery with concrete operational structure and systems to achieve start of School’s first academic year in June.
  2. A project coordinator from Strategum was deputed on-site to coordinate with Client and  implement tasks on ground.
  3. Strategum team worked closely with the Architect for school project ensuring that the academic and non-academic spaces were well planned with optimal utilisation of built-up area and land area.
  4. A marketing campaign was designed around the theme “Your future. Our Legacy.” This caught the imagination of the target group from city and generated huge response for School
  5. Strategum team also worked on other aspects of project like IT deployment, academic model,  recruitment of teachers, training, procurement, cbse affiliation, systems & SOPs.


  1. The project was delivered within the time frame and within the capital budget defined by the client’s
  2. The School commenced operations in April 2014 with 524 students and 28 teachers. Today, it has over 1200 students and is affiliated with CBSE.

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