Abhyuday School, Kawardha

Sudha Devi Trust
Turn Key Consulting


  1. The School is promoted by Sudha Devi Trust and was built in the memory of the mother of Dr Raman Singh, the Chief minister of Chhattisgarh. As such, the expectations of the local residents was huge. Also, the fee to be charged was mandated to be very low – around Rs 14,000 per year for Nursery (2012)
  2. Kawardha city has a population of around 50,000 with no urban lifestyle and is not connected with railway network. This was challenging from the perspective of recruiting teachers and principal. The quality of teachers within city was poor and attracting talent from other bigger cities would be difficult considering the demographics of city.
  3. The expectations from Strategum was simply to convert this dream into reality. The client provided free hand and all required support to ensure that a high quality school is established with zero compromise on any legal requirements


  1. Strategum appointed a seasoned and experienced project team to work on this project led by an efficient and passionate Project Coordinator on ground. Clear communication and approval channels were defined and agreed with clients to ensure speedy approvals for all important decisions.
  2. Considering the expectations, the architect was selected from Ahemdabad with an experience in school design and planning. The campus design clearly stood out in the city making it a Buzz of town
  3. The HR Team worked tirelessly thinking out of box to ensure appointment of teachers and Principal. Clearly, All the teachers appointed had to be from outside Kawardha. Accordingly, systems and practices were defined to attract teachers. A detailed plan of offering to teachers was chalked out – both financial and non-financial aspects: semi-furnished staff quarters, liberal HRA and other allowances, free child education, the purpose of school, excellent work environment and more than 100hours of training each year.
  4. Strategum Team also worked on the interiors of classroom, learning corridors ensuring that every learning space was refreshingly different from the typical school environment.
  5. The school had large number of first generation learners, as such the Strategum worked on innovative practices like Home PTMs, Extended Day School, 3-day Annual Abhyuday Utsav Program, Remedial classes, Open Days, Story Telling Sessions, Goody Bag, Star Among the Stars, Individualised Lesson Plan & Portfolio, Student Management System, Parenting Workshops, etc.
  6. The School is the most eco-friendly and state of the art in the district with solar powered electricity, rain water harvesting, 24X7 CCTV Monitoring, Organic Farming, Wifi network, school App, and much more.


  1. After 4 years, The School has over 1000 students with teacher:student ratio of an impressive 1:18 and average tuition fee of Rs. 21,000 per year across all grades.
  2. Over 80% of the teachers are from outside Kawardha
  3. The School achieved 100% results in its first Board Exams in Grade 10.

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