HR Internship Courses

Why Internship?

Employers generally prefer to hire experienced candidates over a fresher. If you are a fresher or want to make a career shift, internship is always helpful in designing the building blocks for your career. After graduation or post graduation, if you do not have work experience then your resume is 99% considered to be rejected amongst other experienced candidates.  With internship you get good weightage in your resume. Internship opportunities always help you in getting good jobs in the industry.

There are many benefits of course:

  • Preparing yourself for future employment
  • Career Foundation
  • Real work exposure
  • Learning new skills
  • Exposure to work culture
  • Value addition in resume
  • Grooming like a real professional
  • Networking

Internship is not only limited to students. Rather professional who want to make a career shift can also go for internship. Internship help is exploring new skills and understand the job role its functionalities and technicalities in a better manner.

Specific Course Details (HR Internship Course):

This course is specifically designed for HR interns. HR is a very dynamic role in any organization. Market is crying for good HR professionals but without experience, freshers are not being considered for this role. Here we prepare students to become eligible for the jobs, interviews and expose them to real world of HR professionals. We give them the real-time experience as good as an employee of the company. This course will increase their employability skills and make them competent in the industry among the experienced professionals.

There ate two categories of courses as mentioned below:

  1. Basic Certified Recruiter (Level- 1), duration- 1 week
  2. Advanced Certified HR Recruiter and Generalist (Level- 2), duration- 3 months
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