What is CBSE Guidelines on books and curriculum?

School Set-up GuideCategory: K-12 School Setup GuideWhat is CBSE Guidelines on books and curriculum?
Manish Awasthi asked 2 years ago

I am planning to start a CBSE school in UP, and would like to know if there is any specific guideline given for school books?

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Team Strategum Staff answered 2 years ago

Here is a brief on CBSE guideline on school text books and curriculum:

  • The School may prescribe NCERT text books in the classes and subjects in which these have been published by the NCERT. Extreme care should be taken in the selection of books of private publishers so that there is no objectionable content that hurts the feeling of any class, community, gender or any religious group in society.
  • The School shall put a list of prescribed books on its website with the written declaration duly signed by the Manager and the Principal to the effect that they have gone through the contents of the books prescribed by the school and own the responsibility. If a school is found prescribing a book having any objectionable content, the responsibility for such content shall lie with school and action will be initiated against the school by the board.

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