School Set-up GuideCategory: CBSE Affiliationwhat-are-the-categories-of-affiliation-for-which-the-school-can-apply
Rajeev Singh asked 11 months ago

I am planning to open a Secondary CBSE School in Bihar, please guide for CBSE affiliation.

1 Answers
Team Strategum Staff answered 11 months ago

School may apply under following categories:

  • Approval of Middle Class Syllabus.
  • General Affiliation of a Secondary or Senior Secondary School.
  • Upgradation of a school approved for Middle Class Syllabus up to Secondary or Senior Secondary level.
  • Upgradation of an affiliated Secondary School upto Senior Secondary level.
  • Switch over of school from State Board or any other recognized Board at Secondary or Senior Secondary level.
  • Regular Affiliation in accordance to the provisions of para 2.1 of the Affiliation Byelaws 2018.

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