How to open a CBSE School in India?

School Set-up GuideCategory: CBSE AffiliationHow to open a CBSE School in India?
Team Strategum Staff asked 2 years ago

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Team Strategum Staff answered 2 years ago

The Procedure to Open a CBSE School in India is as follows:

  • Conduct Feasibility Study and make a project report.
  • Finalize the land (minimum land required is 1 acre for cities having population of 25 lakhs or more and 2 acres for other cities.
  • Building architecture designed for the school as per the CBSE Guidelines.
  • Arrange for Capital Funds – self or bank financed.
  • Member Registration as Trust / Society / Section 8 Company.
  • Procurement of NOC (No Objection Certificate) from State and Department of Education.
  • Get Local Body approvals and start construction as per norms and approved layouts.
  • Get the Recruitment done for the Principal, Teachers and other staff.
  • Plan and start Branding and Marketing to ensure admissions.
  • Finally apply for CBSE Affiliation.

above steps can be learnt in depth here.

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