Best IB Schools in India? Is IB School good? How to start IB school in India?

The number of IB Schools in India is growing exponentially India today has over 150 IB Schools with Maharashtra leading the number with 51 schools. Not just IB but other international boards like CIE (Cambridge International Examination) and Edexcel are also gaining popularity. One of the reasons for the growth in International schools has been the perception that they encourage creativity and free thinking, both important characteristics for the success in a globalized world. Teaching methods of Indian state boards are archaic with little to no reforms in them. This is turning these board inadequate in meeting the demands of the parents who aspire to provide international quality to their wards. Below is the list of few top recognized I.B Schools in India.

Going over the list we see that most I.B schools are still present only in tier I cities and tier II and III children do not have the same playing field as the city children. Strategum Eduserve is working on several initiatives in smaller cities and towns helping schools take up I.B as an option along with CBSE, ICSE and state boards.

1) Singapore International School, Mumbai

2) G.D Goenka World School, Gurgaon

3) Stone Hill International School, Bangalore

4) Selaqui World School, Dehradun

5) American Embassy School, Delhi

6) Kodaikanal International School

7) Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai

8) Good Shephered International School, Ooty

9) Oakridge International School, Visakhapatnam

10) Oaktree International School, Kolkata

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