New CBSE Affiliation Bye Law 2018 – Know the facts

Major amendment in Affiliation bye-Laws by CBSE

On 18 th October 2018, the new CBSE Affiliation Bye-laws were released by the Union HRD minister Shri Prakash Javadekar at New Delhi. While addressing the media he said that the bye laws have been completely remodeled to ensure speed, transparency, simple procedures and ease of dealing with the CBSE. Shri Javadekar said that the new byelaws denote a major shift from the highly complex procedures followed earlier, to a simplified system based on preventing duplication of processes at CBSE and state government level.

Salient features of the new Bylaws:

  • Earlier for issuing recognition under RTE Act and NOC, the state education administration verified various certificates to be obtained from local bodies, revenue department, cooperatives department, etc. The CBSE re-verified them after applications were received. This was a very long and intricate process. Therefore, to prevent this duplication, schools will now be required to submit only two documents at the time of applying for affiliation, instead of 12-14 documents being submitted earlier.
  • In March 2018, the entire process from application, to inspection, to grant of affiliation was made paperless by the Board. For the new byelaws too, the entire process will be online. Applications shall henceforth be disposed off in the same year.
  • The new affiliation bye laws also lay great emphasis on achieving academic excellence through mandatory training of teachers. Even the Principals and Vice Principals of every school are expected to undergo two days mandatory training annually.
  • The provisions for fees include full fee disclosure to be made and no hidden charges to be levied by schools in the garb of fees. The byelaws clearly state that fee is to be charged as per the regulation of the appropriate government and fee revision shall be subject to laws, regulations and directions of the appropriate government.
  • A special category of innovative schools who are implementing ingenious ideas in the fields of skill development, sports, arts, sciences, etc. has been added to the category of specialized schools.
  • In addition to all the firsts, schools are encouraged to promote environmental conservation through rain water harvesting, harnessing solar energy, enhancing greenery in campus, recycling, segregation of waste and encouraging Cleanliness on campus.

At present 20783 schools are affiliated with the Board. The Affiliation Byelaws inĀ  position were first made in the year 1988 and were last modified in the year 2012.

In our opinion, revised bye laws will positively impact the existing and future schools by easing procedures and redirecting their focus towards improving the quality of education.

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