Pre-primary Teacher

Department: Teaching
Project Location(s): Khambhalia
Education: Graduate


The Home Room Teacher will be a part of the team of Instructional Mentor- Primary School (IM- PS). Team implementing entire academic plan using PBL and other pedagogy methods:

  • Creating Preliminary Checklist, Planning, Teaching and Class Management.
  • Monitoring, using various tools of assessment, Recording, Reporting.
  • Curriculum Development as per the 21st century education.
  • Assessment & Evaluation of students.
  • Documenting, Portfolio management and updating & recording every child’s progress.
  • Using innovative pedagogies, technical education and evaluation.
  • To groom the children and prepare them as 21st century skilled global citizens.

You will be responsible to carry out the professional duties of a Home Room Teacher as circumstances may require and in accordance with the School’s policies under the direction of the reporting authority within the regulations and standards of the School.


  • To collaborate and work as a team.
  • To ensure smooth conduction of day to day routines and operations of class.
  • Responsible for implementing policies and procedures, regulations and guidelines in the day-today operation of Centers.
  • Responsible for implementing EYFS curriculum in respective classrooms.
  • Responsible for assisting developmental, behavioral, and sensory screenings within the schedule mandated by SEPL .
  • Maintain records on each child’s progress and development for the purpose of planning and compliance with respective grades.
  • Responsible for recording and record keeping of information required to document the growth and development of children.
  • Responsible for working with an interdisciplinary team to fully implement an IEP for children with disabilities.
  • Attend all staff meetings and trainings provided at the Centre.
  • Review the progress of each child and develop written plans to promote each child’s growth and development.

Desired Requirements

  • Possess good communication skills with fluency in English as well as good analytical, collaborative and creative skills.
  • Should be unbiased, sensitive, patient and affectionate towards children.
  • Should possess good knowledge of MS-Office software suite and other software used in the school.
  • Should possess the ability to counsel, groom and facilitate students during the smooth execution of EYFS.
  • Should possess flexibility pertaining to time to work for extra hours when required.
  • Should be able to develop the 21st century skills in the students.
  • Should promote value based practices in the school curriculum to inculcate empathy, positivity and equanimity in the learners.
  • Should be sensitive for health, safety and security of students.
  • Should possess the ability to establish and maintain good interpersonal relations with the school community.
  • Desired personality attributes include accountability, integrity, honesty, commitment, enthusiastic, passion for teaching, punctuality and self-discipline.
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