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Euphoria Bandikui: Only 21st Century School in Rajasthan

Euphoria Banikui is situated in a 2 acre campus between lush green lawns and sporting grounds.

Euphoria is the only 21st Century School in Rajasthan and our teaching methods make use of cutting edge technology and age old wisdom of our education system.

We believe it is our responsibility to prepare the students to use technology, social media and internet the right way. If the School doesn’t teach the right way, some one else may teach them the wrong way. Euphoria High Schools are active, stimulating and cheerful places within a loving, caring and secure environment where learning is fun, rigorous, meaningful, relevant and joyful.

The most essential elements of Euphoria are to lay down the foundation of Love, Joy and Thinking:

Love – Fundamentally, Euphoria is a centre of learning with loving atmosphere, meaning a pleasant and vibrant atmosphere, for your child where intelligence will naturally flower, helping kids adapt, learn, and achieve more easily. 

Joy – Our first and foremost goal is ensure that every child grows into a joyous being. As such, everything that we do at Euphoria is only in pursuit of joy. When there is joy in heart, drawn from an equanimous mind, capability of child increases manifold.

Thinking – Euphoria experiences for child is designed to make them good thinkers – ability to think and express creatively and critically, making them curious explorers of world who can innovate and make the world a better with their contribution.




Smart Classrooms: Technology is appropriately used inside and outside the classroom. Teachers use Apple Education Program powered by iPads and Apple TV to make the teaching concept more interesting and comprehensive.

School App: School Automation will ensure easy flow of information and control over administration even from remote areas. This will help improve parent relations and bring a process-based approach in School Management.

Wi-Fi & Multimedia:  Euphoria campus has safe, secured and controlled Wi-Fi connection and multi-media so as to enrich the knowledge of the children and also to keep the children updated about the latest information.

Kid’s Play Area: A dedicated and secured play area for the toddlers helps in the development of gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination and physical development at an early stage.

Transport Facility: As school bus is the safest way to commute to and from school, a daily safe and comfortable bus service will be provided for students and staff to and from school premises. We make sure the GPS, fire prevention systems and first aid is attached in every vehicle. All drivers are well trained and experienced, appointed only after due police verification.

Students Safety: To ensure utmost safety of our students and staff, each campus is equipped with CCTV surveillance cameras to monitor all the activities that take place in the school premises.

Infirmary: Euphoria strives to provide a safe and healthy environment for each student. If any child requires medical attention in case of an illness or an injury, the qualified paramedical staff at our Infirmary attends to the emergency in a timely manner.

Library: The school has a spacious library and reading space for teachers and students with carefully selected books for every genre and reference books like dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Arts Studio: A creativity center where students will learn fine motor skills at tender age and later develop their creativity and expression of emotions. The arts program will introduce the students to the technique and practices of Illustrations, Painting, Drawing, Photography and Sculpting.

Music, Dance & Theatre: These activities provides for the ‘affective’ learning mediums and enhances different aspects of intelligence in a child, giving wings to their creativity and emotional well-being.

Composite Lab: A well-equipped Composite Lab for science practical to satisfy the child’s quest and curiosity through experimentation.

Math Lab: A collaborative activity with multiple teaching and learning aids in a separate Math Lab help students to understand, explore and analyze mathematical concepts

Language Lab: The Language Lab is equipped to assist the students to practice the English and Foreign Languages learning modules with interactive multimedia activities improving the phonetics, vocabulary and communication skills.

Sports Facility: The physical education program will make sure the active involvement of every student for success in competitive sport. Numerous sports programs are offered at each Campus. Most Euphoria Campus would offer one or more of the following sports offered – Football, Cricket, Basketball, Skating, Volleyball and Handball.

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